Now a days

Hard and bold, straight and tough, anger in eyes, bigger in size

Scold without a cause, not even a pause

the head was down and he wants reply

heart had the answers but “how should I?”

the same, you must had face, you must had cry you got depressed. he don’t love me and he don’t care, but somewhere you know that; he is fair.

but who did this; what happened to him? Softer the voice; dream in a dream?

he is old but better now a days, still bold, but a smile on his face.

he is stiff but better now a days, the different one with same grace.

the only direct and not so close bond you have,  but your desire, your passion, your wish, the only hand with you and always will be his.

He still scold me, but the way; is better Now A Days.

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